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Elegance-sofa set

Model: NOP-I10300762,I10200862,I10403161,W70200261


Elegance-sofa set.


Model Number:               Desc:                          Product Size:

I10300762                     corner sofa                  29.125X29.125X25.125

I10200862                     middle seat sofa           24X1.625X25.125

I10403161                     ottoman                      23.625X29.125X10.625

W70200261                    planter                        21.625X21.625X29.5

Total 6 pcs in a set including a planter

MOQ: Combined 8 items for ONE FULL CONTAINER, and MOQ 30-100 pcs for each item.


Aluminum frame. Latte PE flat wicker 13*1.4m. W/cushion.

Container Capacities:

20 ft-

40 ft- 186pcs for corner sofa;246pcs for middle seat sofa;278pcs for ottoman;600pcs for planter

40 ft HQ- 213pcs for corner sofa;303pcs for middle seat sofa;319pcs for ottoman;690pcs for planter

Delivery Time:

Minimum 60 days after deposit.

Payment Terms:

Please contact info@nosihtam.com for payment terms and details.

Sample Policy:

Please contact for sample policies and availability. Subject to sample fee, duty and freight charges.