CEO Bio - Nosihtam Inc.


The Nosihtam team is led by President and CEO Jeremy Mathison.

Jeremy is an international entrepreneur with a vision of connecting Canadians with a network of global manufacturers, creating an opportunity for economic growth and diversity in Canada.

After traveling extensively throughout Europe and Africa, Jeremy lived in China from 2000 to 2008. During this time, he worked as an account expediter / project manager, overseeing all aspects of custom commercial manufacturing for a number of major accounts. During this time, Jeremy travelled throughout southeast Asia and built strong relationships in the region - including leaders in government, business, and industry - learning a great deal about local culture and business practices and also becoming fluent in Mandarin.

Following his time in China, Jeremy returned to North America and spent a number of years as an import purchasing agent and led quality assurance and factory audits in mainland China and Mexico. He also assisted in developing new products in new factory locations worldwide. In each of these facilities, he monitored factory production and manufacturing processes, ensuring a quality end product for his clients.

Jeremy founded Nosihtam in 2006 after identifying the need for a strong Canadian company with deep expertise and knowledge in overseas manufacturing. He quickly built a team of other experts from Canada and around the world who can assist clients with everything from sourcing and prototypes straight through to delivery logistics and warranties. Nosihtam was created to be the ultimate partner for companies looking to do business overseas, streamlining the process, making connections to manufacturers around the world, and sharing knowledge that would otherwise take decades to acquire.