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Why Choose Nosihtam

In the competitive and complicated world of overseas sourcing, manufacturing, and product development, it’s all about who you know. Nosihtam is your connection to low cost, high quality products from more than a dozen countries worldwide. We develop and integrate import programs for companies across North America and around the world from our head office in Winnipeg, Canada and a satellite office in China.

We are your complete solution.

We’re not an agent. We’re a company that reduces your liability and risk, eliminating blind purchasing and streamlining the process of ordering from an overseas manufacturer by sharing our connections and 60+ years combined experience - delivering a low cost container service, right to your door.

We speak the language.

We speak the local language and understand the nuances of doing business in more than a dozen export powerhouse countries worldwide. We’ve built relationships with more than 600 factories in southeast Asia and mainland China - and beyond - that allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ quality, quantity, and cost requirements. In order to maintain and grow those connections, we have our foreign branch office located in China.

We share your high standards.

Every factory we work with has been put through an intensive 360 point audit process that we do ourselves, and our legal team double checks all certification claims. In addition, when your product is being made, we put one of our own people right on the factory line to ensure our high standards are being met. All Nosihtam products are fully insured and everything we do is backed by a transparent refund and warranty guarantee.

We manage all the details.

From the day you trust us with a purchase order, Nosihtam partners with you to handle all the details. Working with us guarantees that you will get exactly what you ordered - on time, at your price point, and with the quality craftsmanship your customers demand. We are able to provide detailed reports throughout the process and our team will manage your project through to completion - and beyond, through our warranty programs.

Nosihtam can improve your business by

  • Managing supply chain
  • Streamlining lead times
  • Managing product R&D
  • Managing packaging R&D
  • Facilitating information transfers
  • Providing a cost effective container service
  • Offering in-country legal, manufacturing, and export contacts
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience

In 2012, Nosihtam acquired GoodFactories, an online sourcing community for home furnishings and home decor. GoodFactories exists to streamline sourcing, improve products and quality, and help workers and the environment. Learn more at GoodFactories.com