Mattress - Nosihtam Inc.


Model: NSF-09A12


                                Product size          Packing size           CBM        N.W./G.W.            

                SIZE A:    90*190*27cm      90*190*5cm        0.08        33kgs/34kgs         

                                (35.4"X74.8"X10.63")         (35.4"X74.8"X1.97")                                           

                SIZE B:    137*190*27cm   137*190*5cm      0.13        38kgs/39kgs         

                                (54"X74.8"X10.63")             (54"X74.8"X1.97")                                              

                SIZE C:    150*200*27cm   150*200*5cm      0.15        48kgs/49kgs         

                                (59"X78.7"X10.63")             (59"X78.7"X.97")                                

                SIZE D:    180*200*27cm   180*200*6cm      0.21        58kgs/59kgs         

                                (70.9"X78.7"X10.63")         (70.9"X78.7"X1.97")                                           

                Packing : Tray pakcing like the attached pictures.                                                                        

Features:               1.Quilting cover: High-grade cotton fabric with 3.5cm high                                                                       

                  density foam +1000g soft poly foam.                                                                            

                2.Inner top foam : 4cm high density foam with 35kg/m3 in the pillow to.                                                                               

                3.Inner second top foam.                                                                  

                4.Spring: pocket coil,height 17cm ,wire guage 1.9mm.                                                                               

                5. Felt and insulator:two pcs of soft white felt                                                                              

                  and two plcs of noise-proof insulator.                                                                          

                6. Bottom quilting cover: High-grade cotton fabric with 2cm high density foam.                                                   

Container Capacities:                                                                                                         

                20'          350PCS FOR SIZE A,215PCS FOR SIZE B, 187PCS FOR SIZE C,133CS FOR SIZE D.                                                                      

                40'          850PCS FOR SIZE A,523PCS FOR SIZE B,453PCS FOR SIZE C,324PCS FOR SIZE D.                                                                     

                40' HQ